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Business Strategy leveraging Sustainable Practices

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What We Do 

Vera Vista Solutions provides result-driven strategies to for-profit and not-for-profit organizations in start-up or growth mode. We work with entities operating in a wide range of sectors, including service, software and cleantech.  We have particular expertise with financial services institutions, service and retail companies, cleantech start-ups, philanthropic and community organizations, and colleges and universities.

Our services range from working with start-ups and existing businesses to increase current and future organizational and marketing effectiveness to achieve growth and expansion… to assisting companies that are experiencing stagnation or need to implement change. We help companies determine who their high-priority prospects are, conduct research to discover how receptive they are to purchasing a new product or service and at what price. We help identify early adopters, primary competitors and their market positions and assist with branding and marketing strategy and planning. We help them connect to partners and financing sources.

Vera Vista Solutions Development and Assessment Services


 ·      Business Strategy  

·         Brand Strategy and Key Messaging

·         Marketing Strategy & Planning

·         Social Media Strategy

·         Website Design & Development & Search Engine Optimization

·         Market Research & Feasibility

·         Product Management and  Rationalization

·         Service/Product Delivery

·         Business Development Strategy

·         Sales Strategy & Infrastructure


·         Sustainability and Green Business Strategy

·         Client Relationship Management & Satisfaction

·         Client Support Training, Telephony and Technology

·         Budget Planning and Preparation

·         Expense Management & Reduction

·         Operational Effectiveness

·         Change Management

·         Re-think and re-engineering processes

We lead projects of all sizes, from working with an entire company, department or site, to projects with a single focus such as, marketing and branding strategy, sales or business development strategy or expense reduction while implementing green initiatives in our clients processes . We help you implement your plans into actionable, effective tactics and help you measure and adjust as needed. We deliver what you need to help you achieve your goals.

If your organization’s needs include topics beyond the services listed here, we can work with you by leveraging our network of experts in other areas. Contact us today to discuss how we can help your organization achieve its goals.





VeraVista Solutions
Sustainability Related Services

  • CO2 emissions reduction
    • Energy
    • Vehicles and Transportation
    • Heating and Cooling
  • Water conservation
  • Rain water harvesting
  • Waste Minimization and reuse
  • Solar solutions
  • Reporting and reduction requirements
  • Carbon Management Accounting
  • Contact us to discuss a sustainability program that makes sense for your organization.

 VeraVista Solutions, LLC
(415) 317-0820

Greening the Bottom Line

VeraVista Solutions is committed to leveraging “green” solutions wherever possible in the work we do.

Most of our clients are taking steps to embed a sustainability focus in their organizational environments and have increasingly asked VeraVista Solutions for this approach in our engagements.

By embracing sustainable business practices, companies can achieve efficiency and cost savings in the medium and long term in addition to adding positively to an organization’s public relations efforts with internal and external stakeholders. They can also reduce risks and liabilities while improving productivity and employee morale.




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