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Business Strategy leveraging Sustainable Practices

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About Us

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The team at Vera Vista Solutions has a collaborative approach to the opportunities and challenges of our clients. We work closely with you, your managers and employees in delivering your organization’s desired end result. Thanks to our team members’ extensive leadership and management experience, we build teamwork, collaboration, transparency and consensus during our projects. We are here to help you reach the best outcome.


We tailor projects specifically to your needs and marketplace. Our expertise is not limited to development, assessment, and recommendation; we are available for turnkey solutions and can help your organization with a hands-on approach to oversight and/or implementation of the recommendations. We are available to work on site and also have extensive experience with managing remote working structures.


And then there is our commitment to “green” management solutions. Vera Vista Solutions is unique in driving lasting and sustainable positive change through initiatives that green day-to-day organizational decisions and activities. Any short-term investments in sustainability can be offset by significant medium- and long-term gains in efficiency and reduced expenses… in addition to contributing to a better future for local and global communities.


Let us help put your organization on course to a more sustainable
and rewarding future.
  We are passionate about preserving our environment!

For more information, send us a request on our Contact Us page, or
call (415) 317-0820

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